Better With Leather NY, was NJ, Dishonest & does not respond.

Wayne, New Jersey 3 comments
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These people delivered (2) new leather couches 1-1/2 months late in July, 2008. Tore a hole in (1) couch when bringing in to the room.

Since then, they have moved from NJ to New York. They don't respond anymore to phone calls, messages and such pleading for them to handle repairing/replacing the damaged goods. The are now just ignoring us!

Shame on them, and I wish them bad luck in their new location. I would recommend stringly that you DO NOT do business with them. I thought the owner, Larry, was a nice guy. I was wrong.

They are unscrupulous and walk away from their obligations. I would never do business with them again!

Review about: Palliser Sleeper Sofa.


Spiez, Bern, Switzerland #51496

Try this phone number in NY. (631) 972-7863


I just came across this.We deposited with better with leather when in NJ and the owner beat feet with our $$ and went to LI to open a store.

Absolute theives.Needless to say, we still have no couch.


I need to contact the store because they have never deliveres my couches-please e-mail me back if you have more information. Thanks

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